Burn Permit Rules

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Fowlerville Area Fire Department  



Prior to burning, review the daily burn conditions by checking the fire department website at www.fowlervillefd.com, or by calling the burn line at 517.223.7588. You no longer need to obtain a permit nor leave a message. If the message states it’s okay to burn, then you may do so as long as the wind does not appear to be a problem in your area.



The following guidelines must be followed for Conway, Handy and Iosco Townships (see below for the Village of Fowlerville):


1.     Burning is not allowed during high wind conditions (check website, burn line or contact the fire department directly).


2.     Even though burn conditions may be favorable, he/she is still responsible for keeping the fire under control. The party is liable for any damage to the property which is done under his/her control. 


3.     Fire must be attended at all times by a responsible adult.


4.     Ensure you have a means to extinguish the fire nearby.


5.     Ensure you are a safe distance away from structures. 


6.     The following ARE allowed:       


a.      Grass, leaves, brush and logs


b.     The burning of refuse in approved incinerators (outside Village only)


c.      Campfires used for outdoor cooking and other recreational purposes.  Recreational fires must be kept in a pit or container. It should not be more that 3 ft. in diameter and not more than 2 ft. high.


 7.   The following are NOT allowed:


a.      Building demolition or excess construction material

b.     Automobiles or parts 

c.      Furniture  

d.     Refuse from multiple dwellings, as well as commercial and industrial


e.      Plastics, flammable, toxic or explosive materials


NOTE: Village of Fowlerville Residents


Only recreational/campfires of firewood and small logs are allowed within the village limits. Any other type of open burning is NOT permitted. 




If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact the fire department at 517.223.8561 Monday-Friday between 7 a.m.- 4 p.m.